Tattoo Care

  • After the tattoo is finished, the area is bandaged with a transparent strech film for one and only time. This bandage should be removed after at least 1 hour, at most 2 hours time.
  • Later, to the area Bepanthene Plus” or “Tattoo Aftercare” should be applied, at least 3-5 times a day without scratching the area or leaving any kind of deposit on the tattoo.
  • For one week, the area should be secured from getting wet.
  • For one month, the area should not get direct sun light.
  • The scabs over the tattoo should not be scratched or removed until they fall themselves.
  • Cloths which can banter on the tattoo scabs should be avoided until the wound heals.
  • The area should be open as much as possible letting the tattoo to take air.